You are on the corporate website of the Japanese company Seido Co., Ltd. This multilingual site is intended for the presentation of the company to customers worldwide as well as our suppliers, manufacturers and craftsmen currently working or wishing to work with Seido. This site is not a retail site, it is however possible to contact us for information requests or orders via the contact form, in English, French, German, or Japanese.

The Seido group is composed of signages SeidoShop Japan for sale within Japan, SeidoShop International for sale in english and BudoExport for our French-speaking clients. Seido Co., Ltd., also owns the trademark Seido®.

If you are currently in Tokyo, it would be a great pleasure to welcome you in our office. (Please note that we can only accept any purchase on site prior appointment and that we can only accept payment in cash).

Important Information - Counterfeit Aikikai logo:


In agreement with the Aikikai Foundation, we announce that for some months now, a range of Hakama and Keikogi (kimono) made in China with a counterfeit Aikikai logo are being sold in Europe, particularly in France. Be careful to check the origin of your products when shopping. If you have any question about a product, do not hesitate to contact the aikikai foundation or contact us directly.

Seido Hakama

All our Hakama are manufactured entirely in Japan (including fabric) and largely hand-stitched. The workshop of our Hakama manufacturer has existed for almost a hundred years and the quality of their work is well known. These Hakama are Read more...

Seido Dogi

Our dogi are made in Japan and are specially designed for the practice of Aikido. From the extra-light cotton / polyester models to the Kendo jacket, through all the standard range and double thickness, the equipment will Seido address all the practitione Read more...

Seido Obi

All our belts are available with our logo Seido. The Aikikai logo is optional (a delay is necessary to sew the logo). All our obi are in accordance with the standards of the Kodokan (Judo), the standard most widely used in Japan, Budo confused. Read more... /en/seido-brand/dogi-seido.html /en/seido-brand/obi-belts.html
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