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What's going on ?

Our corporate site used to be an entry point in English, French and Japanese, but since we now offer services in those 3 languages through our online shops, we have decided to redesign and simplify our corporate site.

Since Seido Co., Ltd. is now a leader in the BtoB market and provides equipement to dozens of stores accross the world, our corporate website will now focus on presenting our activities to our BtoB partners rather than to our BtoC customers.

Responsive & Fluid Design

It's been designed from scratch as we like to do here at Seido, so we'll offer a full responsive design with mobile first devices in mind.

Finding us ?

You can find our products, publications and articles via ou various web stores, blogs and socials network pages. All following links are operated directly by Seido Co., Ltd.

Access to the beta version ?

Reserved to our team, our partners and betatesters: fill in the password bellow to get access to the site!

Seido Co., Ltd.

351-0101 Saitama-Ken,
Wako-shi, Shirako 2-27-51 (Access map)
Ph: +81 (0)4-8437-1740
Em: contact@seido-japan.com