• Seido brand & product design

    Seido Brand & Product Design

    Seido is a brand focusing on Aikido & Kobudo/Koryu equipment. Aikido is considered to be the last and smallest Shinbudo, a Budo close to ancient Koryu. Therefore, Aikido products have to be adapted not only to Taijutsu but to sword and Jo practice as well. Our specific designs find their roots in ancient Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu and other, less widespread martial arts. We offer products that no other brand wants to add to their catalog, because of profit reasons.

  • Martial Art Equipment Export Specialist

    Export Specialist

    We have specialized, right from the beginning, in international export and have developed a strong expertise in international commerce. Working closely with UPS, FedEX, DHL and Japan Post, we benefit from advantageous shipping rates for delivery all over the world and can therefore offer the fastest and most reliable service at a fair cost. Moreover, we track every parcel leaving our facilities until its actual delivery, to act immediatley in case of problems.

  • High Quality Embroidery & Engraving Services

    Embroidery/Engraving Workshops

    We are not only designers and exporters, but we are also artisans in a way. We offer a very high quality embroidery and engraving service that we directly perform at our facilities. As we are all multilingual, we provide name translations in Japanese for all customers. That is why we can ensure the fastest service of the industry while keeping the standard at the highest level, using the best machines and equipments on the market.

  • Japanese Tradition: The best Japanese artisans

    Protecting Japanese Crafstmanship

    In an age where profit leads the business world and natural resources are endangered, our main goal is not to provide the cheapest products to as many customers as possible. Our main goal is to protect what is left of the famous Japanese craftsmanship, by offering exclusively 100% made in Japan equipment. By daily actions, we support the Japanese craftsmanship and maintain a very close relationship with all our artisans.

  • Seido focuses on collaboration

    Collaborations With Other Brands

    Although most of our competitors consider us as a threat, there are still other companies in the sector with similar visions and goals. We work with all artisans and brands that share our analysis of the industry and want to take the responsibility to improve the current situation for future generations. As for today, we are very proud of our partnerships with leading companies: KuSakura for Judo equipment, Tokyodo for Karate equipment, and many others.

  • Content Creation & Videos about martial art equipment

    Content Creation & Videos

    We are foreign practitioners living in Japan. No matter how busy we are, we take the time to film demonstrations, create educational videos and reportages, write articles on Japanese craftsmanship etc., because we think that it is our duty to share and save as much knowledge as possible for fellow practitioners and future generations. This is what we do on our blogs and our YouTube channel. And of course, all support and partnerships are most welcome.

Our Dreamteam

  • Jordy Delage, Seido's founder

    Jordy arrived in Japan in 2005 to practice Aikido intensively at the Aikido headquarter, the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. After a few years of Aikido, Japanese language and culture studies he created the brand Seido that reunites his biggest passions: Aikido, history, craftsmanship and internet technologies.

  • Eriko Hoshi, Seido's co-founder

    Raised in family with strong martial traditions, Eriko started Aikido after meeting her husband in 2008. She originally was pursuing a carrier in the Japanese wedding industry, where an impeccable customer service is of enormous importance. Her expertise in that field set the standard for Seido concerning not only national but also international customer relations.

  • Jean François Rauch, General Manager

    Jean-François is a seasonned Kendo and Iaido practionner. With experience in the Budo Equipment industry, the ability to speak 3 languages fluently and impressive managment skills, he's the one making sure Seido is up and running on a daily basis.

  • Antoine Brisseau, Seido's head IT

    Antoine is not only a skilled engineer but also passionate by many aspects of the Japanese culture. He used to practice Aikido and is considering getting back to it soon. His goal is to design user friendly new functionalities for our customers and he also takes care of our entire technical infrastructure.

  • Alexandre Venancio, head of logistic department

    Passionate by Japanese arts and history, Alex came to Japan with the project of settling here for good. He is the one responsible for the detailed quality control and has a big knowledge about wooden weapons. He also does the packaging Seido provides and is in charge of the whole shipping process: He is probably the most finical of the industry.

  • Aya Yamamoto, embroidery artisan

    Aya is one of those very attentive Japanese women who is outstandingly talented when it comes to sewing work. She masteres the art of embroidery and puts her heart into her work everyday, to design and adapt each and every embroidery. She also does the customizations on the Dogi whilst ensuring the overall sewing quality of the products.

  • Nicolas, digital media specialist

    Following several stays in Japan, Nicolas settled in Tokyo in 2014 as an independent photographer. He regularly supported Seido in diverse projects, until he eventually became a full team member at the beginning of 2017. He is in charge of the entire photo and video production ranging from the product pictures on our website to the videos on YouTube.

  • Gaetan Karst, KuSakuraShop Manager

    Passionate about history, Gaetan has studied business and marketing in France and Japan. He decided to settle in Tokyo in 2019 and shares a long love story with sport, having practiced Karate and Kick-Boxing for some years. He is responsible of all Judo and Jujutsu related inquiries and fully manages KuSakuraShop.

  • Satomi Kanazawa - Embroidery & Alteration

    Satomi comes from the textile industry and has great knowledge of both Western and Japanese sewing techniques. She begun showing interest in martial arts when her son started Karate a few years ago, and when she discovered Seido in 2018 she decided to leave her job and join our team. She takes care of all alternations and sewing work, from the most simple to the hardest.

  • Norio Hoshi, adviser

    Norio Hoshi, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Iaido 4th Dan and retired from Tokyo's metropolitan police, is our technical/quality adviser for Kendo and Iaito products. Norio also engages in various video and photo projects initiated by Seido as adviser or actor.

  • Seido's intern program

    Our internship program intends to offer an insight in the Japanese business world to highly skilled students and martial art practitioners from around the globe. It is a great way to experience Japan and, as education is what Budo are meant for, we take pride in fulfilling this duty at Seido as well.

The Seido Brand

Our Vision, Our Ethic

We aim to run Seido with an entirely original business philosophy. We care about others, we care about education, we care about the planet, we care about craftsmanship and artisans, and that is why we are passionate by all aspects of what we do. As Budoka with a strong ethic and a clear philosophy, we cannot imagine running a business for profit, and as foreigners living in Japan, we think that our goal is to bring our best from and to this country. We not only offer 100% made in Japan equipment, but we also care to build friendly and constructive relationships with our artisans, partners, customers and of course, within the team. This is what makes Seido different. Our employees are fairly paid, we respect our artisan's interests and follow their advice and as multilingual martial artists we are perfectly capable to understand our customer's desires. We do not claim "made in Japan" for products that are only partially made in Japan, we do not claim labels and certifications that mean nothing and only exist for marketing purpose. We do not overprice our products to offer extensive meaningless discounts to a certain group of practitioners and we are absolutely transparent concerning the manufacturing of our products and introduce our artisans with pride. As it used to be in the old Japanese cast system, artisans are at the top, merchants at the bottom. We are only here to build a bridge between you and the artisans and do not consider ourselves as more important in any way.

Our Artisans and Partners

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They support Seido

  • Christian Tissier Supports Seido

    I chose Seido for the quality and great value of their equipment and to support the great ambition of an Aikido equipment company run by foreigners in Japan. I particularly appreciate to be able to discuss directly the technical details with their international team of Aikidoists.

  • Dany Leclerre Supports Seido

    I had for years been the customer of other brands but I decided to switch over to Seido because of the excellent quality they offer. I am impressed by Seido's transparency regarding the origin of their products and the pleasure of dealing with a competent team of Aikidoka comforts me in my choice.

  • Okamoto Yoko Supports Seido

    I have chosen Seido's Hakama for its great quality and reasonable price. The slightly longer front belts, the flexibility when ordering a well adapted custom made gear, and the very fast shipping - the overall quality of service makes Seido stand out, and therefore is my choice.

  • Guillaume Erard Supports Seido

    My daily Budo practice in Japan and my frequent trips around the world put my uniforms through the harshest possible conditions. Fortunately, I can count on Seido to understand my most stringent requirements and to provide me with the highest quality in Japanese equipment.

  • Josh Gold Supports Seido

    My "cashmere touch" training hakama is certainly the best hakama I've owned in my close to 30 years of aikido practice. It's beautiful. It looks exceptional - both still and in motion. Seido products are great so I’m happy to stand behind them!

  • Léo Tamaki Supports Seido

    Seido simply offers the best service and the best cost performance ratio. It is no surprise that Aikidoists, like Christian Tissier, André Cognard or my brother (Issei Tamaki) trust Seido for their equipment. Seido is bringing the best of Japanese equipment to all practioners at a fair price.

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